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MSX cruise 2019

12.-14.3.2019 Silja Symphony, Finland

There will be a MSX party at the ship Silja Symphony on March 2019. Every MSX guy/gal onboard! Plan is to go on a ship ride with fellow MSX hobbyists, take MSX machines with us and enjoy retro computers, good food, drink, sauna and other ship's niceties.

We have booked a meeting room for eight hours where we can set-up our computers, play games and also give presentations about cool MSX stuff. As you probably know visitors make the event. There will be also a fleamarket table where you can bring some MSX or other retro stuff for sale.

The price of the trip includes a cabin slot from a shared four person cabin, lot of food, sauna/spa and the meeting room.



Departure (from Helsinki, Olympia terminal) on Tuesday 12.3.2019 at 16:45. Arrival back to Helsinki on Thursday 14.3.2019 about 10:00.

We will be sailing to Stockholm and back, but we will not get off the ship at Stockholm because we have the meeting room at that time.

Don't forget that you need a passport or EU standard ID card to travel on the ship.

Remember to have your swim suit for the spa if you're interested (you can also rent it from the ship for four euros).



Cabins are shared two-to-four person class B cabins. They don't include a window, have an area of 11 m^2 and are located on ship decks 5 and 9-11. In four bed cabin there are two roof beds. The bottom beds can be combined into a double bed.

If you wish to get a private cabin or upgrade your cabin to Cabin2+ or Cabin Turbo-R then please contact us and we'll set it up. This will cost what the ship company asks for the cabin. We should get some price estimates later from them. You can see the options from the ship companys pages.

Please note that there are probably no TV in the cabin and quite limited table space but inventive MSXer probably can setup their machine to use in the cabin also.



The price includes two breakfasts, two dinners at the the Grande Buffet (example menu 27.12.2018->). In addition on Wednesday we'll be served lunch buffet & coffee at the meeting room.



The ship has bars and nightclubs. Also Grande Buffet dinners include wine and beer. As an budget option you can also buy drinks from the Tax Free shop but they can only be enjoyed at the cabins (as is the way of the finnish alcohol law...).


Meeting room

At the meeting room we'll get a HDMI projector, tables and chairs. Everything else you want you need to bring or ask someone else to bring if it's inconvenient for you.

Please do bring your own MSX if you have the means but don't forget the display and necessary power adaptors (Finland has 230V power with type F power socket)



There will be a option to buy and sell MSX and other retro ware at the meeting room

Please note that the Internet work quite badly at sea so bring some cash (euro) and if you're selling maybe some change also. There is limited space at the cabin so you probably don't have to bring huge amount of stuff for sale.



At the meeting room there will be presentations depending on the participants. We try to prefer to keep the presentations in English if that's possible for the presenter. You can submit your presentation topic here.


Game competitions

We have an idea to make some game competitions at the meeting room. We are though still looking for a volunteer to organize this. If your interested then please let us know through the topic page.



Please note that the timetable is work-in-progress as for the meeting room events.


Tuesday 12.3.

15:30 Gathering at the Olympia terminal, check-in
16:45 Transition onboard the ship
17:00 Ship takes off from the harbor
16:45-18:45 Grande Buffet dinner
18:45 -> Free-form socialing


Wednesday 13.3.

7:00-9:30 Grande Buffet breakfast
10:00 Meeting room engaged

We'll set the MSXs up
12:00 Buffet & coffee
12:30 Presentaations
  • Tero Yli-Koski: Sound from MSX
  • GuitarWizard: Presentation regarding (video game) music
  • Your presentation? Let us know your topic
18:00 Meeting room reservation ends
18:00-19:30 Sauna and swimming Sunflower Oasis spa. Take your own swimming suit with you (or rent them from the ship for four euros).
19:30-21:30 Grande Buffet dinner
21:30 -> Free-form socialing


Thursday 14.3.

7:30-9:55 Grande Buffet breakfast
10:00 Arrival back to Helsinki



160 EUR include a cabin spot, food, sauna and the meeting room.

Deadline for payments was 29.1.2019. After that we can't take more registrations.


More information

Was there something you're still wondering? Please ask and we'll answer.

Phone / Whatsapp: +358505762995


Register here

Registration isn't complete until you make the payment also.

Registration for those who organize their own trip arrangements will be announced soon.



Nick Paid? Oneliner
Shwaikh X Shwaikh
GuitarWizard X Game, Set and Music... Maestro!
kyysto X M.S.X. = Music Sex Xtacy
NYYRIKKI X SCREEN8,3:VDP(6)=1:VDP(2)=3:FORI=0TO300:I=IAND255:CIRCLE(8,8),IAND7,I:COPY(0,0)-(255,15)TO(16,0),,XOR:CIRCLE(248,24),IAND7,255-I:COPY(255,16)-(15,31)TO(240,16),,XOR:VDP(24)=(SIN(I/12)*100+I)AND255:PUTSPRITEIAND31,(RND(5)*240,RND(4)*255),IAND15,4:NEXT
Pronto X POKE &HFD9F,&HC7
Teroyk X I wish that I have more time to program that, but I know it is possible.
Repair-Bas X If someone needs parts or cables i will bring them with me.
Selious X Don't feed me after midnight
rami77 X Keep quiet, learn more
Wild_Penguin X M(0)=7458:M(1)=1888:M(2)=13450:M(3)=25:M(4)=2513:M(5)=6800:S=20:M(6)=15768:SOUND1,0:SOUND0,&HCB:SOUND7,190:FORJ=0TO7:J=JMOD7:FORB=0TO6:P=M(J)/4^B:L=P/2AND1:H=PAND1:FORW=0TOH*(L+1)*S:NEXT:SOUND8,15*(1XORH):FORW=0TO(1XORH)*(L*2+1)*S:NEXT:SOUND8,0:NEXT:NEXT
Anonymous MSXer X